Vacation Infinity Pool

Vacation Infinity Pool

The next step after adding a pool to your backyard is to complete the scene with a well designed landscape that adds colour, interest, privacy, safety and convenience, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Custom landscape services can help you create a relaxing atmosphere, similar to a resort, around your pool. You don’t want to be distracted by withering plants, or spend a lot of your free time fertilizing, trimming, or cleaning leaves and twigs from your poolscaping. You need to keep it simple. Here are some tips to help you make the right landscaping selections.

Choose Mess-Free Plants for Pool Landscaping

Plants are great for landscaping around the pool as they add beauty and privacy. However, you should be careful to choose the right plants so they won’t cause any inconvenience. The right trees and shrubs soften the loud lines of pool equipment, make the pool blend more naturally with the landscape, and provide privacy screens—especially if they grow tall. However, you should:

  • Avoid deciduous trees as they shed their leaves in certain seasons, increasing the need for frequent skimming;
  • Avoid trees such as gum trees, sycamores and pecan trees, as they drop needles, sap, and other debris periodically;
  • Avoid weeping willows, oaks and other trees with far-reaching root systems that could compromise your pools foundation and increase repair costs;
  • Avoid fruit trees because they are messy, plus they attract bees, insects, pests and other creatures with their flowers and fruits.

Broadleaf evergreen bushes like Hetz Japanese holly and other plants with thorns are generally mess free and beautiful for landscaping. However, they should not be planted near walkways or sitting areas to reduce the risk of getting jabbed. Instead, grow them on a side of the yard with minimal activity.

You can grow a mixture of foliage plants and flowering ones to ensure visual interest year round—even when the flower plants are not blooming. Keep in mind that flowers will attract bees, so you might want to keep these plants to a minimum.

Fence Around the Swimming Pool

It is essential to fence around your swimming pool, especially if you have children, for safety purposes. The fence can help to mark the border between the swimming pool area and the playing area of the backyard. Some fences also provide privacy.

Pool Deck or Patio

These are important pool structures that not only add beauty to the landscape, but also improve the safety of the pool area. A scarred concrete patio provides a slip-resistant surface for people to climb onto when leaving the pool. Brick patios are also pretty popular, though they should have a rough surface. Keep in mind that they require more maintenance work because of the moss that grows on them.


A closed gazebo is a great addition to the landscaping around an outdoor pool as it provides a place for your friends to change into and out of their swimwear. A gazebo can also provide you with shade on very sunny days.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture around the pool offers a great deal of convenience. You may also include a full outdoor kitchen, or some basic kitchen equipment, such as a barbecue. Use updated pool furniture to modernize the poolside, and consider options such as outdoor lounge chairs, sculptures or a poolside mini-bar. You will also need to invest in proper outdoor lighting so you can enjoy the pool area day and night, all season long.

Designing Your Landscape

  • Emphasize your personal taste. It is important that you communicate your ideas and vision to the landscaping contractor before any work begins. The indoor and outdoor design preferences are usually the same. If you like clean, simple lines, or ornate, intricate designs inside, you will probably want the same outdoors.
  • The choice of colours can be inspired by your home’s decor or your personal fashion preferences. Pick a theme and use it to inspire the types of flowers that will be planted, the kind of mulching that will be used in the garden, and the colour and style of all outdoor structures and furniture.
  • Consider the amount of time you can dedicate to tending the landscape, including cleaning the pool. You may choose to hire a professional company to assist with upkeep.
  • Watch your budget. You don’t require a big budget to design the landscape around your pool, but you can spend as much as 15 to 20 percent of the property’s value depending on how much you want to transform the space.

Before installing a gazebo or any other structures, it is important that you create zones around the pool for different activities—dining, lounging, playing, or gardening. Creating these zones beforehand will ensure that every need is accounted for, so that nothing ends up getting squeezed out.

Proper planning, with the help of professional custom landscape services, will also ensure that the walkways and seating areas are easily accessible, without the risk of trampling the plants and flowers.

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